Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Dragon Flies shot at other times

I think it is time for a coffee table book for hawks and dragonflies


dabrah said...

I think you're right. I don't know how you manage to get so many picture of so many different dragonflies. I hardly ever see any. Some people are scared of them, but I've always thought of them as harmless. However, I notice in these photos that some have pincers on the tip of their tails (what do they do with those?) and the one in the third photo actually appears to have a stinger on the end of its tail. The one in photo 4 looks quite evil (shiver) !

icapture said...

Hello again,
Dragon could be man's best friend. The dragon eats a large amount insects. I've seen several dragonflies flying into swarms of misquitoes. I also go to the swaamps, wildlife refuges and sometimes city parks. I'm not sure what the pincer does, but these dragonflies don't sting. This weekend I'm slated to go back into the swamps for the fall colors. keep in touch..jb